Dell Inspiron 3452 Drivers For Windows 10 (64bit)

Dell Inspiron 3452 Drivers For Windows 10 (64bit)
Dell Inspiron 3452 Drivers For Windows 10 (64bit)
Dell Inspiron 3452 Drivers For Windows 10 (64bit)
Audio (1 file)
Realtek ALC3234 Audio Driver
File Name: Audio_Driver_NHT20_WN32_6.0.1.7654_A02.EXE
Description: (339.67 MB)
Version: ,A02
 Chipset (3 files)
Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Client
File Name: Chipset_Driver_J96F8_WN32_8.0.10200.80_A00.EXE
Description: (24.27 MB)
Version: 8.1.10603.192, A00
Intel Serial IO Driver
File Name: Chipset_Driver_20DW6_WN64_604.10120.2654.367_A00.EXE
Description: 64-Bit. (17.28 MB)
Version: 604.10120.2654.367, A00
Intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface Driver
File Name: Chipset_Driver_CMMNC_WN32_2.0.0.1067_A01.EXE
Description: (50.11 MB)
Version: ,A01
 Mouse, Keyboard & Input Devices (1 file)
Dell Touchpad Driver
File Name: Input_Driver_DY58W_WN32_19.0.15.15_A02.EXE
Description: (61.31 MB)
Version: ,A02
 Network (10 files)
Intel PROSet/Wireless 3165 WiFi Driver
File Name: Network_Driver_3G6G6_WN32_18.12.2.2_A01.EXE
Description: (195.34 MB)
Version: ,A01
Intel PROSet/Wireless 3165 Bluetooth Application
File Name: Network_Application_NJYN1_WN32_17.1.1525.1443_A00.EXE
Description: (23.69 MB)
Version: 17.1.1525.1443 ,A00
Dell Wireless 1708 WiFi Driver
File Name: Network_Driver_VCG75_WN32_7.35.295.0_A01.EXE
Description: (64.31 MB)
Version: ,A01
Intel Wireless Display Application Utility
File Name: Network_Utility_41KHD_WN32_6.0.39.0_A00.EXE
Description: (121.84 MB)
Version: ,A00
Dell Wireless 1801 WiFi + Bluetooth Driver
File Name: Network_Driver_NWJ9W_WN32_2023.15.701.2015_A01.EXE
Description: (106.07 MB)
Version: 2023.15.701.2015 ,A01
Dell USB 3.0 to Lan Dongle Driver
File Name: Network_Driver_03T1G_WN64_10.1.506.2015_A00.EXE
Description: 64-Bit. (26.61 MB)
Version: 10.1.506.2015 ,A00
Intel PROSet/Wireless 3160 Bluetooth Application
File Name: Network_Application_MK7H0_WN32_17.1.1524.1353_A00.EXE
Description: (19.64 MB)
Version: 17.1.1524.1353, A00
Dell Airplane Mode Switch Driver
File Name: Network_Driver_PX8MM_WN64_1.0.0_A00.EXE
Description: (12.95 MB)
Version: 1.0.0 ,A00
Dell Wireless 1707 WiFi + Bluetooth Driver
File Name: Network_Driver_PXX25_WN32_10.0.1.0_A00.EXE
Description: (97.72 MB)
Version: ,A00
Intel PROSet/Wireless 3160 WiFi Driver
File Name: Network_Driver_CJ8TD_WN32_18.11.0.8_A00.EXE
Description: (207.01 MB)
Version: ,A00
 SD Card (1 file)
Realtek RTS 5170 Card Reader Driver
File Name: SD-Card_Driver_M9HXP_WN32_6.3.9600.31213_A00.EXE
Description: (22.38 MB)
Version: 6.3.9600.31213 ,A00
 Video (1 file)
Intel HD Graphics Driver
File Name: Video_Driver_8WD9X_WN32_10.18.15.4256_A02.EXE
Description: (183.25 MB)
Version: ,A02

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